Jan – Mar 2014

This term we will be working towards the Global Challenge; Hikes Away; Environmental Partnership; Explore & Animal Friend (for those with pets) Badges

16.1.2014 Welcome & the Promise

We welcomed 5 new Beavers while another 2 swam up to Cubs.  Beavers also learned some greetings from around the world.

23.1.2014 Sprout Middle East

Beavers enjoyed a visit from a local NGO who helped us plant some seeds and even brought some worms for us to handle!

30.1.2014 Fair Trade

Using an Oxfam pack Beavers learned just how unfair trade and commerce can be.

Saturday 1.2.2014 – Trip to a farm

A wonderful expedition to the Al Attiyah Family farm with Sprout Middle East.  Many Beavers achieved their Hikes Away Badges and the Explore Badge, well done.

6.2.2014 Energy Conservation

We made windmills, energy saving reminders and some lovely thank you cards for the ladies of Sprout Middle East 🙂

13.2.2014 Half Term Holiday

20.2.14 Musical Instruments & Invest new Beavers

A noisy session creating our own instruments from around the world : ukuleles,  pan pipes; maracas

27.2.2014 Regatta Sailing

An exciting adventure on the sea – the pictures say it all, have a look on the events page.

6.3.2014 Wildlife Conservation/Animal Friend

Some Beavers took the opportunity to look after their pets and tell us all about them.  We also learned about endangered animals and created some fab posters.

Saturday 8.3.2014 – Follow-up trip to the Farm

A little bit hotter than last time, but still great.  We built a composting area and collected loads of rubbish to compost.  After spending so much time with Sprout Middle East 6 of our Beavers managed to earn their Environment Partnership Award, well done!

13.3.2014 Food from Around the World

A tasty evening of fruit kebabs and farewell to Lucille/”Owl” cake, thanks for all your efforts with the Beavers Lucille, you will be missed.

20.3.2014 The Country Code

Beavers learned about the country code and acted out various rules to see who could guess what they were doing…remember rubbish goes in a bin or take it home with you!  We also said farewell to our oldest Beaver who swam up to Cubs today.

27.3.2014 Traditions from the UK


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