Activity Badges

There are 18 Activity Badges in the selection of new badges, many will be completed within the normal Beaver sessions but below you’ll see that some can be done at home.

If you’re interested to see the full selection click here.

Air Activity Badge

*This one is being replaced so go for it now if you want it! We have ONLY 6 in stock*

You will need to complete all the requirements here, complete the fact sheet above and come in and share with a leader.

Animal friend Activity Badge

Look after a pet for 6 or more weeks to gain this one.

Collector Activity Badge

If you collect anything whether it’s stamps, coins, postcards, shells; rocks etc.  why not tell us about it.  Use the form above to give you an idea of what we need to know.

Cook Activity Badge

For all you budding Junior Masterchefs click on the  link above to see what you have to do for this one.

Gardener Activity Badge

This one’s for green fingered Beavers.

Health & Fitness Activity Badge

*Another badge getting axed!

We have just 8 of these in stock (3 already reserved so 5 up for grabs) and currently all Beavers have done three parts, only two left:

1. Tell others in the Colony about a sport or activity you take part in.

2. Learn about personal hygiene.

The first 8 who come prepared to share their knowledge with the colony on both these items get the badges! (email first to confirm if any are left!)

Hobbies Activity Badge

If you regularly take part in any activity or hobby, this is the badge for you.

Imagination Activity Badge

*this is also being discontinued

Only 2 left in stock, the first two to complete the requirements listed on the link above get them. (Please email first to confirm they’ve not been claimed already!)

Photographer Activity Badge

The requirements can be found by clicking above, bring in all your evidence ready to snap up that badge!

Sports Activity Badge

Take part in a sport regularly for 6 weeks or more?  Then have a look at what you need to do to get this badge by clicking above.




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